TAIWAN SANJU SJ1238 Seven Blades AC Axial Fan

SIZE: 120×120×38
Frame Type: Alumium painted with plastic UL94V-0
Impeller:Thermoplastic UL94V-0 P.B.T.
Insulation Resistance: Min. 100 Mohm at 500 VDC between terminal {wire} {+} and frame
Bearing: Double ball bearing / Sleeve bearing
Dielectric withstand:1500 VAC for 1 second between terminal {wire} {+} and frame
Voltage: AC 110V, 220V
Life Expectancy for Ball bearing: 60,000 hours at 20℃
Life Expectancy for Sleeve bearing:30,000 hours at 20℃
Operating Temperature: -20℃~85℃ ordinary humidity
Storage Temperature: -30℃~140℃ ordinary humidity
Ingress of Protection: IP44 / IP55