About US


Suzhou Sanju electric machine Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Taiwan Sanju electric machine Co., Ltd., invested in the construction of R&D、production、sales as one of the innovative enterprise in Suzhou. Our main products: AC fan, DC fan, Axial fan, Centrifugal fan, Cross flow fan, Ventilation filter sets. The company is committed to harmony、perseverance、integrity and benefit from each other. It is the aim to our customers and products. We will strive to innovation, dedication to new and old customers to provide quality products and good service.


蘇州三巨機電是隸屬於台灣三巨電機有限公司的子公司,在蘇州投資興建集研發、生產、銷售為一體的創新型企業。 主要生產:AC、DC、軸流風扇、離心風扇、貫流風扇、通風過濾網組系列。 公司本著和諧、執著、誠信、共利,是對客戶和產品的宗旨。 我們將努力創新、竭誠為新老客戶提供優質的產品和良好的服務。