This series of fans consists of an aluminum alloy frame, all metal blades and a motor, and is mounted on a double-sided flange, which has the advantages of small size, maintenance-free, easy installation, low noise, low vibration, and reliable operation. characteristic. The fan is mainly used for automatic control systems, electronic equipment, Medical equipment, power supply, welding machine, packaging and printing, numerical control machinery, office automation...etc.

SJ1238 Iron Blade
SIZE: 120×120×38
Max Airflow: 103~123CFM
SJ1738 Iron Blade
SIZE: 172×150×38
Max Airflow: 230~260CFM

SJ1751 Iron Blade
SIZE: 172×150×51
Max Airflow: 240~270CFM
SJ1755 Iron Blade
SIZE: 172×150×55
Max Airflow: 230~255CFM

SJ2206 Square Iron Blade
SIZE: 202×202×61
Max Airflow: 420CFM
SJ2206 Iron Blade
SIZE: ∮220×60
Max Airflow: 420CFM

SJ2208 Iron Blade
SIZE: 225×225×80
Max Airflow: 530~600CFM
SJ2509 Iron Blade
SIZE: ∮254×89
Max Airflow: 510~1090CFM

SJ2808 Iron Blade
SIZE: 280×280×80
Max Airflow: 1090~1130CFM
SJ2072 Iron Blade
SIZE: ∮210×70
Max Airflow: 530~600CFM